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Upkeep could mean a lot of things.  Own its own it includes such things as payments on rental spaces, keeping something polished, hair cut, weeds whacked, rooms swept, gardens tended, and lawns mowed which also falls under maintenance.  It could also include auto repairs, engine rebuilding, driveway repaving, auto body work, and appliance repair which also fall under repairs.  Taken together, upkeep includes all those things that fall under repair and maintenance as well as a few that could be referred to as operations.  It includes things that are on schedules as well as sudden faults, and it could even be preventive or aesthetic task.  There are a lot of reasons for and types of upkeep as it could be linked to almost anything we do in some way even though in many instances it might not seem appropriate at first consideration such as for the building of something new. One might be surprised at how one views the meaning of upkeep in relation to a specific event when additional aspects are given for consideration.


This Website is dedicated to provide useful information to help you with common problems that need attention.  In most cases for the topics covered by this site, you will be able to find instructions to resolve problems and maintain your home, car, and boat.  The information contained here is always free and as accurate possible.  We attempt to give you the options available to remedy your upkeep needs and instructions to complete the task at hand. 


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Support Summaries:




Repair and replacement instructions for windshields and general auto glass.


Air Conditioning


Maintenance guides for automotive Air Conditioner and Home AC units.



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