Blue Star Auto Glass Repair - Kit Contents

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Blue Star Auto Glass Repair - Kit Contents
Learn how to repair windshields with our free course on Windshield Repair. Know which Windshield Repair Kits are available and which kits fit your repair needs.

Be informed by seeing a comparison of the kits and processes before you begin, and be able to determine whether a windshield can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

These kits are used to repair bullseye, spider web, star, chip, and combination windshield damage. Some kits can repair cracks. See kit comparison chart for specifics.

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Kit Contents:

The following components are included with this kit.
º  Blue Star Windshield Repair Injector
º  Pedestal
º  Adhesive Seal
º  Repair Resin
º  Curing Film
º  Instruction Sheet


The Resin Injector is a modified syringe that is set up to lock it to hold a vacuum or pressure on the injection system. The modifications include a spring clip on the syringe barrel and an upper and lower notch along the plunger handle to enable the locking process. These two operations are used to evacuate trapped air from the damage cracks by locking the syringe in the vacuum position, and then to apply and hold pressure on the resin to force it into the crack damage.
Blue Star Windshield Repair Injector
Blue Star Windshield Repair Spring Clip Spring Clip

The Spring Clip is used to lock the plunger, holding it outward to maintain a vacuum or holding it inward to maintain pressure within the injector via the two notches in the side of the plunger.

Blue Star Windshield Repair Plunger with Upper and Lower Notches Plunger with Upper Notch and Lower Notch

The upper and lower notches are used to lock the plunger into position either holding a vacuum or pressure on the repair while locked with the spring clip. The lower notch being used to hold a vacuum and the upper notch being used to hold pressure within the injector.

Blue Star Windshield Repair Pin Valve Push Pin / Pin Valve

The push pin included in this kit has two purposes. The first purpose is as a sharp tool to dig out any loose glass in the damaged area. Secondly it is used as a Pin Valve in the injector barrel to allow air in and out of the injector when needed.

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