Loctite Autoglass Repair - Package Claims & Instructions

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Loctite Windshield Repair - Kit & Process Review

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Loctite Autoglass Repair - Package Claims & Instructions
Learn how to repair windshields with our free course on Windshield Repair. Know which Windshield Repair Kits are available and which kits fit your repair needs.

Be informed by seeing a comparison of the kits and processes before you begin, and be able to determine whether a windshield can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

These kits are used to repair bullseye, spider web, star, chip, and combination windshield damage. Some kits can repair cracks. See kit comparison chart for specifics.

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The following information about this repair kit is provided to help you assess this product in relation to the repairs you need to complete on your vehicle and to allow you to make comparisons to other repair kits of a similar nature. Each of the repair kits covered by this guide are intended for specific types of repairs and under differing conditions. For an easy comparison of the differences of this kit in relation to others, please see the Kit Comparison Summary page.
  • If this is your first encounter with windshield repair, please see our free course, Windshield Repair 101. It covers and explains windshield repair in detail as well as the types of kits required for the various types of windshield damage.
  • For information and commentary relative to this kit, please continue on this and subsequent pages about this kit.

Package Claims & Instructions (Front Cover):

Front Cover Description Summary Commentary

Loctite Windshield Repair Kit

One Component System

º  Complete repair kit for     bull's-eye type damage
º  No mixing or special tools     required
º  Clear repair

1 - Pedestal
1 - Adhesive Disk
1 - Syringe Repair Compound

Net Wt. 0.17 Fl. Oz., 5 ml
Item 37613

This is a Pedestal type repair kit with a UV activated epoxy resin.

Pedestal applicators are generally reusable and can complete more than a single repair. With this type kit, repairs are generally limited in number by the amount of repair rosin, and number of Adhesive Discs available.

Package Claims & Instructions (Back Cover):

Back Cover Description Summary Commentary

Loctite Windshield Repair Kit

Item 37613

Note: Do Not Use Below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Contains: Methacrylate Esters and Acrylic Acid

See Directions on the Making the Repair page.

See instructions below, as this is a short bullet point summary of the kit and process.

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